Advanced Bumper Repair

Advanced Bumper Repair

Touch Up Guys Bumper Repair

The impact on a plastic bumper can cause a variety of damage. A slight impact or side swipe can cause a scuff or scrape with very little substrate damage. However, a stronger and more direct impact such as being hit by another vehicle or embarrassingly reversing or driving into the fence or garage door, can cause the plastic bumper to split or crack as well dent the substrate.

In the case of a split or cracked bumper, Touch Up Guys Plastic Welding process allows for the addition of new plastic (of the same type such as polypropelene) to be welded to the split thus re-creating the original strength.

Depending on the what plastic the bumper is made of, Touch Up Guys may additionally utilise advanced and specialise stapling techniques to re-enforce the strength of the substrate. Once the repair is complete, the area is sanded, re-primed, coloured and cleared to complete the service.

For dented bumpers, Touch Up Guys Heat Reshaping processes are employed by applying specific heat levels the dented area and allowing the plastic to be reshaped into its original form. Once complete, the area is refinished for an undetectable result.

If you have a dented bumper or a cracked bumper, call Touch Up Guys today to arrange a FREE on-site inspection.

Work we have done...

Mercedes-Benz front bumper cracked, Touch Up Guys were able to Plastic Weld the bar back together resulting in the bar looking as good as new.

Toyota Camry with a large dent in the bumper, Touch Up Guys used Heat Reshaping to mold the bar back to it’s original shape saving the purchase of a new bumper.

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