Mobile Buff & Polish

Mobile Buff & Polish

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Like New with a Clearcoat Restoration.

Often an overlooked service, however almost every vehicle can benefit from our superior Touch Up Guys Buff & Polish System. Whether it be to rejuvenate faded or dull paintwork or to keep a new vehicle in a pristine state, a Touch Up Guys Buff and Polish can provide this to the highest level available on the market today.

If your paintwork is oxidized or contains fine scratches and swirl marks, Touch Up Guys are here to help. Swirl mark removal is a very common request by owners of dark coloured vehicles. Although not as noticable on lighter coloured vehicles, swirl marks spoil the overall appeal of dark coloured vehicles, especially after cleaning.

Tree sap, bird droppings, and splattered eggs are all extremely harmful to your vehicles paintwork. You should immediately remove any acidic contaminents from the clearcoat as left too long will potentially result in permanent damage. A Buff and Polish can greatly reduce or in most cases eliminate the unsightly damage caused by sap, droppings or egg splatter.

Being a mobile service, we are able to come to you for a FREE on-site quote on the restoration of your clear coat including the removal of swirl marks via a superior Touch Up Guys Buff and Polish.

Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation FREE quote at your convenience.

Work we have done...

Mitsubishi 380 boot lid, lots of light scratches and dull paint, Touch Up Guys Buff & Polish service rejuvenates the paint back to life resulting in a mirror shine.

Honda CR-V faded bonnet paint, Touch Up Guys using their Buff & Polish system bring the paint back to it’s former glory leaving a high gloss finish.

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